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Crystal Clear Aquariums has been serving the Dulles, VA, area as a premier aquarium and marine retail specialty company for more than 25 years. Our clientele is discerning when it comes to aquariums, and with our team of highly trained specialists, we are continually setting the standard in this area.

Crystal Clear Aquariums is a leading designer in custom made aquariums. We are excited to work in a field that is hands-on and reflects the wishes of our clients. We walk you through the design process of building your dream aquarium, step by step, until you are happy with the result. Our aquarium designs are a hallmark of our business and reflect the passion and creativity that we feel every day.

We know that once you have built and installed your dream aquarium, you’ll want to fill it with all the pieces needed to make your fish feel at home. That’s why Crystal Clear Aquariums also includes marine and saltwater retail. Our knowledgeable staff is kept informed of our retail changes to make sure you buy the right pieces for your aquarium.

As a licensed and insured business, Crystal Clear Aquariums takes your questions about our retail and aquarium services seriously. Contact us now for a full review of our products or for a consultation.

Crystal Clear Aquarium Services was established in 1989 to provide quality, personalized aquarium services. With skills acquired through more than 25 years of experience, Crystal Clear Aquariums will bring the beauty and tranquility of underwater landscapes to your home and/or office. The individual design of each aquarium reflects the effort to create an environment of natural underwater sculpture, plants and animals occurring together as they would in nature.

Crystal Clear Aquariums, creators of custom designed aquariums, add a new dimension to your home or office which will provide hours of enjoyment and relaxation. We provide all services necessary to maintain the beauty of your underwater creations.

In addition to our vast marine experience, Crystal Clear also services and maintains outdoor ponds and water features, as well as lobster tanks. Call us today to start enjoying the beauty of an aquarium without the hassle of the maintenance.

Whether you need a fish-only marine aquarium or a complete balanced reef system, we are your source for unique custom systems to provide you years of enjoyment.

Crystal Clear Aquariums is a proud affiliate of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing in Las Vegas, NV, stars of the hit tv show "Tanked". Crystal Clear Aquariums provides outstanding aquarium services for the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC area. (VA, MD, DC).

Each custom design system utilizes specially fabricated filtration and plumbing systems including virtual surge systems and intense sun-simulation systems designed to replicate the natural sunrise and sunset. Each system includes the highest quality protein skimmers and water circulation pumps, water top-off systems and chemical doser's to automate the daily and weekly functions of a typical aquarium.

Crystal Clear Aquariums is licensed, bonded and insured.

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