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Imagine coming home from a long day to see a beautiful aquarium that you created, filled with colorful fish. It’s an enthusiastic feeling, knowing that you designed your own underwater paradise. At Crystal Clear Aquariums, we know that’s important to you. We understand that a custom designed aquarium is as personal as the client who inspired it.

That’s why custom designed aquariums are a big part of what we offer in aquarium supplies in Dulles, VA. Crystal Clear Aquariums works with you to make sure that everything from the aquarium designs to the set pieces we put in it is exactly what you ordered.

If custom designing your own aquarium is not what you had in mind, we also offer aquarium ensembles. This is a nice way to include an aquarium into an office or business, with your aquarium coming equipped with a stand that will easily hold a filled aquarium. An aquarium ensemble also holds cabinetry that will keep your aquarium supplies out of sight, for an efficient, stand-alone setup that is polished and stylish.

Aquarium designs offer a great middle ground between custom designing your own aquarium and ordering an aquarium ensemble. Crystal Clear Aquariums offers this for our clients who don’t want a standard setup but aren’t interested in minute design details. We have a range of designs to fit every tank size, ecosystem, and household. While these aquarium designs are somewhat limited in range, we find that all of our clients who choose this design option are satisfied with their choice.

Aquariums can be as individual as you choose. Crystal Clear Aquariums just leads you through the steps to finding your perfect aquarium. Learn all the specifics of aquarium designs by connecting with us.

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