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There are some differences between a freshwater aquarium and a saltwater aquarium. One is that freshwater aquarium fish are hardier stock than saltwater fish, most of whom are wild-caught, making them sensitive. Second, saltwater aquariums use living rock as a filter, instead of man-made filters. Third, all saltwater aquariums that include fish must have a quarantine tank set up before new fish can be introduced to their home tank.

Saltwater aquariums have exclusive requirements for the ecosystem that will inhabit the space, so it’s important to have researched this ahead of time. Our saltwater specialists are capable of explaining the differences between the ecosystems and the maintenance processes of each one so you can choose accordingly. We also provide professional manufacturing for larger aquariums, if fish tanks weren’t exactly what you were looking for in this area.

It’s not always easy to tell what you would need once you have an ecosystem in mind, so Crystal Clear Aquariums will be glad to help you sort through our saltwater retail store and choose the ensemble for the tank size. We offer an assortment of substrate, live rock, reef, and live plants to turn your aquarium into a home for your desired habitat.

Crystal Clear Aquariums understands that there’s a lot to learn about saltwater aquariums. Our clients rely on our expertise to help make decisions for their aquariums on a daily basis. Discover today why Crystal Clear Aquariums is a leader in saltwater aquariums in Dulles, VA.

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